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Introducing DPS Games

Hello Gamers,
Welcome to our new website, it’s great to be able to talk about who we are as a studio in a new context, under a new name.

So what is that context, and why the new name? Over the last 18 months Wargaming UK grew from 30 to 100 developers, all working at pace on a new game in Guildford. That hasn’t been enough though, we now have another 40 developers from our Wargaming Sydney studio working with us. Not only that but we have art teams in Wargaming Paris and Wargaming Kiev creating amazing content for us. We’ve gone global!

As a global team having a territorial name didn’t seem embracing of the scale of our endeavor or the amazing work our distributed development teams are doing.

Then there is the game we’re working on. Wargaming has an amazing global reputation as the mega studio and publisher of World of Tanks and World of Warships. World of Tanks turns 10 this month, what an incredible achievement! But we’re not making a game connected with any of our traditional franchises.

While we won’t be talking about our new game for a while, we’re going somewhere a bit different with it. We wanted our studio name to reflect our new ambitions as well as the future players we hope will join us… sometime (not soon 😊).

So welcome to DPS Games! Watch this space, we’ll be sharing more news and info with you in the not to distant future.

Keith Anderson, Publishing Director - DPS Games

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