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Press Release: Wargaming Uk Rebrands as DPS Games

The Guildford-based studio has implemented a full rebrand, and is continuing to work on a new IP aimed at the new generation of F2P gamers.

September 3, 2020- Today, Wargaming UK officially becomes DPS Games, reflecting a unique and distinctive direction for the studio and an exciting new chapter for Wargaming.

In line with the studio’s incredible growth since the acquisition of Edge Case Games in 2018, DPS Games is now home to over 94 team-members and has doubled its office space in the past year. And that growth is not limited to Guildford, with the team already establishing their overseas operations in Australia with 70 team members, and they are looking to expand to other global games hubs in future.

The rebrand exemplifies DPS Games’ ambitious remit – to change gaming forever – a pledge to amaze and entertain the new generation of free-to-play gamers, with deeper gameplay that will keep them engaged for years after release.

Studio Head Sean Decker, who has spearheaded the rebrand and renewed direction of the studio, said: "At DPS Games, we still remain a proud member of the Wargaming family – intrinsically linked through infrastructure, ecosystems and community. That said, our games will be very different – and our players will be, too. Together, we’ve faced many challenges, but we’ve had a huge amount of fun along the way. It is this journey of passion and play that has forged DPS Games, and here, play is everything."

DPS Games has also already aligned itself with several industry partners and charities that embody a spirit of diversity and inclusion – supporting gaming for all. The team are excited to announce these partnerships and subsequent campaigns in the near future.

"After watching the incredible growth of the studio in Guildford over the past two years, we at Wargaming are excited to see DPS Games take shape and expand the influence of Wargaming in new parts of the world. This is an experienced team of industry veterans and rising stars who are growing by the day, and we are eager to watch them bring something new and distinctive to the free-to-play market" said Victor Kislyi, CEO of Wargaming. DPS Games is still recruiting too, with 22 vacancies currently open for applications. For more information on available roles, visit http://www.dpsgames.com/join-us

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